Woyshner’s Christmas Shoppe
Our History

Woyshner’s Flower Shop opened February 1960. It was started by Jack Woyshner and Patricia (Manley) Woyshner after Jack returned from Korea after 3 years in the intelligence division of the US Army.
Jack Woyshner was an excellent floral designer and business man. He became involved in Rotary and was president for the local floral organizations. He was involved nationally with FTD.
Jack passed away in 2006 after suffering from ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease). Oldest son John who worked in the business passed away in 2009 from Kidney Disease. Youngest son James passed away in 2015.

Patricia Woyshner is a floral designer and now owner with her 2 daughters: Andrea (bookkeeper) and Kristine (designer).

Patricia designed floral arrangements for the White House under Presidents Ronald Regan, George Bush Sr and Bill Clinton.
She was a volunteer at Christmas time and a part time employee for years for large parties.

The store had been previously owned by the Avery Family and consisted of a front store, large greenhouse and a 2 family home.

The Christmas Shoppe was opened October 1999 in a warehouse that was previously a builders supply. The original plan was to purchase the property because we needed it for Flower shop parking. We originally put a small Christmas shop in the front room of the building because at Christmas, our showroom at the flower shop was too crowded. It was very successful and we just kept improving the property and adding more showroom throughout the building. After 9/11, there was a big drop in business.

We wanted the Christmas Shoppe to be something special and produce a product that is not available at others stores. To create a nice atmosphere for customers to spend some time and enjoy the surroundings. We are constantly looking for new product, trends, colors etc…